Active After Schools

CAS Active After Schools program provides R-7 students with the opportunity to be involved in sport and other structured physical activities. Through a positive and fun experience, kids develop a love of sport and a lifelong attitude toward healthy activities.

Instructors are trained to specifically coach children in sport. The Active After Schools program in Ceduna offered the coaching course sponsored by The Australian Sports Commission to year 10 and 11 PE students, teachers and interested community people. Completing the course also has a great impact on developing a positive attitude toward ensuring we have volunteers in our sporting clubs for the future. During 2012 Ceduna Area School offered 3 different sports on 3 different nights each term where around 90 to 100 students participated.

We had the biggest participation of any school on the Eyre Peninsula and we were awarded Regional 'Super Site Award' of the Active After Schools program. Sports offered in 2012 included: Swimming, Sailing, Soccer, Football, Zumba, Netball, Basketball, Hockey and Cricket. Sailing and Cricket were both run co-operatively by Ceduna Area School and the local Clubs/Associations to help ensure they have future participants in their respective sports for years to come.