Junior School

Students in the Junior School (R - 6) undertake studies in 7 curriculum areas. Literacy is explicitly taught in all curriculum areas. A Literacy, Numeracy and Social Skills program is the basis of the Reception class - "Strong Beginnings" which is aimed at bringing all school beginners the opportunity to build their basic skills in Numeracy and Literacy. This is mainly due to the high number of students who are not 'school ready' when they first attend.

In English, teachers use the Accelerated Literacy strategy to explicitly teach aspects of literacy in particular writing, spelling and grammar. Guided Reading and Independent Reading programs are used to develop reading skills. In Maths, in the Early Years "Number" is the focus and the school is a participant in the "Big Idea in Number" project.

All classes use "Primary Connections" as the basis of Science lessons. An intense Pastoral Care program is undertaken at the beginning of each term with a focus on values and expectations and the explicit teaching of Grievance Procedures and anti-bullying and harassment strategies. On-going pastoral care programs include Buddy Class activities, Junior School Assemblies, Clubs and whole-section activities.

A number of School Support Officers work in the section assisting with literacy and numeracy programs.