Laptop Program

Ceduna Area School provides a technology rich environment that enables students to be successful global citizens in the 21st century. To ensure that technology is integrated throughout the curriculum our school has the following facilities: Technology Labs, Interactive Whiteboards, computers in every classroom, staff laptops, digital pens, Ipod Touches, digital cameras and video cameras.

During the past number of years the school has endeavoured to progressively increase student and staff access to digital learning opportunities. This process has led to our development of a Laptop availability plan for students in Year 9.

Ceduna Area School makes available one commercial grade laptop for every Year 9 student to hire. At the end of the three year agreement, students can purchase the laptop for a small residual fee. A large number of Year 9 students in past years undertook the program and it has been running very successfully for these students. This valuable and innovative program has been strongly supported by parents.

Laptop Booklets and Lease Agreement Forms, for parents of Year 9 students, are available from the IT Office.